The ReUnion Process is a form of applied kinesiology developed over decades by Peter Scupham of the Inner Natures Research Institute (INRI) in Atlanta, GA. I am trained as a Facilitator in this discipline to interpret the nuances of muscles; testing for subtle strengths and weaknesses to have a ‘conversation’ with the body without the mind getting in the way. It’s an effective technique to discern the truth that resides in the body, and to facilitate a release and rewiring of the stuck energetic and emotional patterns that manifest as 'knee jerk' reactions to circumstances in our lives and relationships, or sometimes as tightness, pain, and exhaustion in the body.


Every aspect of how our lives occur for us, from relationships and work to our personal growth and happiness, are impacted by the unconscious conditioning of the body and mind. ReUnion Process sessions focus on an area of concern relevant to the client’s life; often something that seems ‘stuck’ and is a source of worry and anxiety.  A positive intention is created, and the ReUnion Process then navigates and gently rewires the emotional body and psyche to be more aligned with both the stated intention and our true selves beyond conditioning. During the ReUnion process the body is nurtured and unwinds, letting go of past traumas and pain. This healing allows us to regain mental clarity, experience emotional freedom to choose a life free from constraints the past imposes, and to access a sense of physical well being. Often, relationships with significant others, family, co-workers, and friends begin to shift and become more nurturing and compassionate as the heart naturally opens. Doors in life that we were never able to see before become wide open for us, allowing a more authentic expression of who we truly are and the unfolding of a life more aligned with our genuine spirit. We have the experience of being fully alive.


All sessions begin with a conversation about what is currently present in the client’s life and awareness. As we talk, I am trained to listen deeply to assist the client in creating a positive intention for themselves and their life that inspires them.  The rest of the ReUnion Process focuses on clearing any conditioned patterns or energies that are in the way of the positive intention manifesting fully in the client’s life. Clients are made comfortable for the session, fully clothed except for shoes, on a massage table with pillows and blankets as desired. The facilitation begins with a guided visualization, and clients often experience relaxing into a meditative state. During the session, I will access the client’s hands, feet, and forehead to facilitate kinesiology. As the process unfolds, I will write out the information that is revealed for the client to review after the session. This information is an amazing tool to get clarity on the hidden forces that impact why we do what we do, allowing us to have compassion for what we sometimes perceive as shortcomings within ourselves and others. During the session, the client is guided in a variety of facilitations ranging from acupressure, essential oils, guided visualizations and imagination events, as directed by information gained from the session.  These facilitations heal past traumas and clear the forces that block the intention being fulfilled.  The combination of the energetic unwinding facilitated within the body and the information gained about unconscious mechanisms revealed by a session often provides deeper understanding of the self, and encourages a curiosity about how we move in the world. This exploration, in time, develops and strengthens a deeper inner listening and fosters profound self-awareness. A ReUnion Process session typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes, and is closed with a visualization/meditation that deepens the experience and supports the body in its natural wisdom and ability to heal.